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L D Aviation Prague is a reliable partner for a wide range of local and foreign operators. As our region is experiencing strong growth in the aviation market our scope of services is gradually increasing to better serve our customers. In addition to our comprehensive business services we hope to eventually cover all aspects of technical services as the demand increases.

We take quality and reliability very seriously and it is a fundamental aspect in our relationship with clients.

We are looking forward to seeing you among our satisfied customers!


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red box  International

Red Box International has been manufacturing Ground Power Equipment since 1993. Based in a modern, purpose built factory in the south of England, we boast a comprehensive range of ground power units in addition to a wide selection of ground support equipment including,Aircraft TugsAviation Tools, Tool Control Systems, Hanger Cooling Systems and Inspection Cameras.

The Red Box philosophy is to provide the highest quality ground power units and associated ground support products, at competitive prices. Our ground power units offer excellent power to weight ratio. The high quality components and excellent after sales support, ensure piece of mind when purchasing Red Box products. We specialise in the manufacture of solid state GPU’s. In today’s world more and more organisations are opting for a solid state solution to their ground power unit requirements as this technology offers a green and virtually silent solution, whilst also offering a significant saving on servicing and running costs. We have also continually invested in product development. These policies have allowed Red Box to develop an unrivalled reputation for quality and a large and loyal customer base from all over the world. The Red Box GPU range has won plaudits in both the civilian and military markets, and we have been chosen on numerous occasions to provide bespoke power solutions to the UK military and associated equipment providers. The company holds ISO9001:2000 accreditation. The majority of Red Box products are NATO codified. Our extensive range of international distributors are able to offer our overseas customers local support and after sales care.


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The Red box Range


Battery Start Power

The RB range of battery start units offer a lightweight portable solution for starting all aircraft that need 12V, 14V, 24V, and 28V DC starts.

From a unit the size of a brief case through to the more substantial but highly powerful RB75A and Twin RB75A where power outputs of 5,200 Amps can be achieved. This dependable range of products is in use with civilian, military and offshore installations all over the world.

The TC400A range of battery carts offers a high power output solution for starting large piston and turbine aircraft, whilst also offering continuous power for set periods of time. These highly powerful starts carts can offer up to 14,000 Amps of spooling power.

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Continuous DC  Power

Red Box has developed two ranges of continuous DC power supplies. The RBSC range is aimed at the military/high use MRO environment. This range has been designed to provide high quality DC power for crew training, avionic updates, maintenance tasks and weapons systems checks.

The RBPS range offers a low cost, no frills solution to continuous power requirements. This range is aimed more at the private aircraft owner and low use MRO environment.

Sizes range from 25 amps DC up to 600 amps DC at 14 Volts and 28 Volts, although specialist voltages are available.

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Combination battery start and Continuous Power

The TC3000A range offers a portable solution for both start and continuous DC power requirements in one unit. The series offers a variety of combinations of start and continuous power ratings that can be combined to suit any customers’ requirements.

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Transformer Rectifier Units

The Red Box range of solid state TRU’s can be relied upon to perform under the most demanding conditions. Excellent power to weight ratio, ease of use, and virtual silent operation coupled with zero emissions and virtually no maintenance means the RBC5000 series will be a welcome and vital part of any modern MRO operation.

These units offer 28 volts DC at up to 600 amps continuous and 2000 amps peak.

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Frequency Converters

The Red Box Frequency Converter product range offers both static and portable solid state units. The range starts at 1KVA and goes up to 180KVA and most units can be supplied in single phase or three phase with fixed or variable output.

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tools & tool control


Red Box offers a selection of pre-designed aviation tool solution kits that have been designed using the highest quality aviation tools to offer aviation maintenance personnel the best solution for AOG and base maintenance tasks. The kits can be provided as cost effective pre-designed kits in impact resistant cases or in the Red Box Pro series of electronic tool control cabinets, or you can create your own kit. The kits come with aircraft tools laid out in laser cut Skydrol resistant foam and can also be laser etched.

The Red Box tool control cabinets are high quality, purpose designed, electronic locking cabinets. Drawing upon years of accumulated experience in electronic tool control, these cabinets are designed to be user friendly and highly functional. User identification is performed via proximity readers, rather than swipe cards or keypads, which means quick, convenient and easy access. These cabinets are rugged and designed to accept future electronic upgrades to protect your investment.

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cables & connectors

We offer a selection of connectors and the ability to manufacture aircraft cables to any length required. The quality of build from Red Box is seconded to none, with 20 years experience you are guaranteed the best service and product.

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portable coolers


Red Box coolers combine water and forced air to reduce temperatures by as much as 28ºF. The unit is fully portable so there is no need for fixed installation.

These units come with built in reservoirs to enable them to be used remotely without connecting them to a hose. They are designed to give a cooling area coverage of up to 326 square meters.

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inspection cameras

We have been producing camera inspection kits since 1998. It has always been our policy to make the highest quality systems available to all, dispelling the common misconception that quality inspection systems have to cost the earth.

The RBF700 systems are certified for use by Audi, Skoda, VOLVO and Volkswagen. These quality, non-destructive inspection systems are extremely user friendly, flexible and come at an affordable cost.

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military specialist products


Red Box International has been designing and manufacturing military ground support equipment for over 15 years, specialising in the production of solid state power supplies. The Red Box military product inventory includes hand portable start units, compact DC power supplies, battery back up power, Transformer Rectifier Units, Frequency Converters and many other power related products. In addition to ground power units, Red Box’s product portfolio includes a range of aircraft tugs, camera inspection kits and specialist aviation hand tool kits and electronic tool control cabinets.

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aircraft moving


Red Box represents both the Priceless Aviation Products and Eagle Tugs range of aircraft moving equipment. These relationships enable Red Box to supply the most cost effective appropriate tug for aircrafts up to the A320 in size.

The smallest Tug in our range will move up to 2 Tonne MTOW and the largest will move 169 Tonne MTOW, offering both towbar and towbarless options.

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